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Thermal Imaging at home with a Cell Phone to spot tissues physiologically similar to breast cancer,. It is the best Frontline of defense for Women”s Breast Health


ThermoGo - Mobile Presence

Stay Abreast is an early stage detection tool that uses thermography to identify tissue that is physiologically similar to breast cancer. It’s safe, non-invasive, private, and very easy to use.

A silhouette helps mark where you’ll need to position yourself each time you take an image. For best and most accurate results it will required a 5 minute “cool down” period prior to taking the photo. The applications AI will be able to mark the hottest part of the hottest breast, and will keep record of it over time. It will also make suggestions as to how frequently you should be taking new images to track any suspicious areas. Your images are date and time stamped and can be saved to a gallery within the app. If you begin to notice major differences in the images over time, or are concerned about the warm spots the app has identified, the images can be securely sent to our in-house thermal image expert interpreter. They can also be emailed directly to your Oncologist.